Tuesday, October 6, 2009

tranquil times

This is the quilt offering I will be giving away on October 28. The quilt when completed will be 60X70. All the fabric is included for the top you will need to purchase backing fabric and binding.My picture is not the best quality,however the fabrics are beautiful shades of browns and will make an absolutely gorgeous quilt. Please post a message and you will be entered for my drawing to receive this quilt kit.
This month is national breast cancer awareness month. I have two friends that have battled the beast and a friend's mother has finished her battle without recovery. Back in 2008 I read an article in our local newspaper and I kept it and today I want to share it with you. This article sums up the beast and our hatred of this illness. The article speaks to many differant types of cancer and the undying love we feel to those who overcome and those whose lives are lost to cancer, and our willingness to fight the beast.
Cancer, I HATE YOU.
I just learned you've attached one more member of my family, a stellar man who does not deserve to have you slinking around in his lymph nodes.
But you don't give a rip about a persons's character, do you? You'll ambush anyone, if given the opportunity.
You took the form of non-hodgkins lymphoma when you strangeled and killed my brother back in 1993.
Several years ago, you crawled into my aunt's colon and cut off her life, too.
You slowly nibbled away at the brain of a friend until he couldn't take another surgery: we attended his funeral a few months ago.
And you recently yanked out a piece fo a co-worker's soul when you sentenced one of his best friends to die in her 40's.
You, cancer, have butchered the breasts of more girlfriends than I can count on two hands.
Oh, and you sentenced at least one associate to live without testicles.
You leave your victims puking, disfigured, bald, aching and thoroughly exhausted as they try to fight you.
In fact, you've pushed your way, directly or indirectly into the lives of just about every person I know, consigning them to moments-or years-of sadness, grief, fear, financial distress,and or emotional and physical agony.
What power.
I bet you gloat in the fact that we have months named after you. Right now, you're reveling in "National Colorectal Cancer Awareness. But you're noted in April for your testicular manifestation, May, skin; June sarcoma...well there's a different form of you for just about every page on the calendar.
Gloating? Well the more people you harm, the more vigilant we will be in combating you.
Don't strut when you see us decorating our desks with daffodils in honor or memory of people who have been subject to your forays.
Don't look at it as a triumph when you see all those walkers at the Relay for Life this year.
Look scared.
Cancer, I hate you. My family hates you. My friends hate you. The world hates you.
In fact, the only thing stronger than the hate we have for you is the love we have for your victims. And so, we will fight you.
We'll donate to agencies that are working to eliminate you. We will give our time, our money and our support to those you prey on.
You are hideous, cancer that's your character.
But my brother in law will survive you.
By the way, cancer have I toldyou lately how much I hate you.
Posted in the Lancaster Sunday News, March 16,2008. by Anne Koenig, editor of the living section.
Please post, let me hear from you. I will be updating and making my blog better as time passes. Be patient, the best is yet to come.
Sending Hugs to YOU!
Grace E.

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