Saturday, October 17, 2009

New York Here We Come!!!!

First here is the addy for Gail Pan Christmas embroidery blocks:

Heather Finnell has announced her new bom-check it out:

New news: A call came through yesterday from the Tyra Banks show Caitlin was given four tickets per her request. Her cousin and 2 friends are going along. Caitlin enjoys watching the Tyra Show so this will be quite an experience. I will keep you all posted after the show on how it went. My son is taking us up there, with any luck we will go to the show and then hob nob around New York city for the day. I love New York the hustle and bustle, the people, the foods, oh my I could just go on forever. I plan to look up New York City fabric shops I would like to visit one while I am in the city. If permitted I will take pictures to share with everyone.Today in all the rain Caitlin will be going to the homecoming dance. OH TO BE YOUNG!!!!

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  1. congratulation Caitlin !!!!! You deserve this. Homecoming dance, could you please stop aging casuse you Aunt is missing it and feeling old...Get pictures...You are going to look so beautiful.