Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today after much deliberation, I made the decison to get back to blogging. Truthfully I was hurt no one seemed to follow my blog. In retrospect I didn't give it much of a chance. So onto quilting news:

For those living in South Central Pa... have you gone on the shop hop?  If you haven't get your passport this week and start going to the shops. I started with Bitty Kinnas in Intercourse, Gina is the owner and she is absolutely a delight to talk to. She will help with any quilting related question and give you ideas and instruction. When entering the shop you are always greeted with a friendly "hello", and the conversation instantly moves forward, making you feel that you have just entered the home of a very good friend. I love Bitty Kinnas--I don't think Gina will mind the name Bitty Kinna means Little Mouse in case you were wondering. Ladies stop by Bitty Kinnas and tell Gina, Grace sent you.

In the next few days I will be showing you pictures of quilts that I do for charity. I really don't like the word charity quilts, it is more I make quilts for those who need some extra tender love and care. A favorite blogger of mine, Joanne from Splitting Stitches blogs has quilted some of my quilts for me.  In my quest to make a substantial amount of quilts I gave my quilts to someone local and didn't get them returned and now I can't find this person--In life we always learn the hard way.  This bump in the road has not stopped me, I now have a number of quilt tops made and I am going to have those quilted to give by Christmas.

I hope anyone who drops by, will continue to come back again, and again, I have so much to share with everyone!

Live life to the fullest!
Happy Sewing,

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