Tuesday, June 30, 2009

rain, rain, go away

Today it is raining here in Lancaster County. The farmers I am sure are enjoying the rain. I had hoped a package of Northern Solitude fabric would arrive but since it didn't, I am on to other projects. I am presently working on a 9 patch project using white and 1930 fabrics. I made a lap quilt a few months ago for a charity project and my husband mentioned he really liked the quilt. I decided to make a summer quilt for our bed with the left over fabrics and a few new fabrics . I clipped a small piece of each fabric and placed it on an index card for future reference as I research local fabric shops for additional patterns to incorporate into my quilt. When I reach 50 and 100 post milestones I will be giving away a bag of goodies. I will post the picture of these quilt related goodies at a later time. Please subscribe to my blog and you will be included in the drawing.


  1. Welcome to cyberspace! We were just up your way a couple of weeks ago. That there Rte. 6 is beautiful!

  2. the quilt is beautiful..I can only pray for you with Zachary..Yes I do pray....keep up this blog it lets me know what is happening in your life...

  3. oops forgot you were not posting tonight...

  4. Hi Grace,
    Let me try this again! I just wrote a comment to you and the darn thing got erased. I will do my best to remember what I wrote you.
    I never knew you were into quilting! I would love to see some of the quilts you have made sometime!! I knew you were into scrap-booking, and baskets, but never knew you were into quilting. You must have pictures of what you made, I hope! You will have to show me sometime!
    My sister-in-law quilts a lot! She has some beautiful quilts, and I love to see hers! I will try to get you her web-site so you can go to it. She sells baby burpers,blankets,hats,and many other little projects! Most of her quilts are lap quilts, or throws, or single bed size. I love looking at her quilts, because I gave her some material that was left-over from mom's dresses and she uses it in most of her quilts....so I love to look for it in her patterns. She also has many patterns! They are All Beautiful! She recently gave me one and I cherish it!
    I wish I knew you did quilts, I would have given you some of the material that I had. I just got rid of some very old material that I knew that Jill wouldn't want, but you might have wanted it since it was so old!
    I still have some scraps around here that you might be interested in!
    I do embrodery, and love it! I am trying to do a queen-size quilt for Anna and one for Jen. I have all the embrodery done, I just have to get it put together! That in itself is a task, as I have been doing baby blankets and other sewing. Lately I have been busy making things for my grand-children and some other little girls, and for my cousin.
    I like to try things!
    Tell my cousin I love him and he could keep in touch once in a while! It is usually me who does the calling!
    Take care, and tell all I love them! Wish me luck on my quilts...if I ever get to putting them together!